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My own journey

We’ve all been on a journey to get to where we are in life today, it’s what shapes us into the individuals that we are and makes us all unique.


Over the years I have had my fair share of both physical & mental health challenges to work through including 2 prolonged concussions. In 2014 I embarked on my own self development & wellness journey, learning so many valuable tools and techniques along the way. One of the most important; I finally started listening to my own body.

This was just the beginning and led me to qualifying in Nutrition, Health & Wellness Coaching & Women's Health & Wellness Coaching through the amazing Well College Global.

With qualifications in Sports Therapy & Massage already under my belt I knew I wanted to spend my life helping people feel better, it’s what I’m passionate about and am naturally drawn to.

In 2020 I had my first head injury. A simple (but very hard!) knock on some furniture which took me about 8 months to get my life back on track with a degree of normality.

3.5 years later, it happened again! I couldn’t believe it! A similar mechanism of injury and very similar, prolonged symptoms.

During these testing times, I put my knowledge of all things wellness into practice.

Nutrition, sleep, managed exercise, stress management & mindfulness and wow, what a difference they made! I also studied alongside a concussion specialist who confirmed what I was thinking. These were the key.

These practices allowed my body to heal, stress responses & inflammation to lower and my nervous system to finally regulate.


Give your body the environment it needs instead of fighting against yourself.

By doing so you unlock the next stage of healing which allows rehab treatments to be effective. 

I had an immense amount of passion for the health & wellness world prior but these experiences just instilled it even more! 

You already have all the knowledge you need inside of you too. 

My role as your coach is to guide, motivate, support and empower you on this journey to creating the life you dream of!



So why Coaching?


My purpose & passion is to help others live their happiest, healthiest, most meaningful lives and health & wellness coaching is the perfect way to do this. It’s what I absolutely love doing!


I realised there was an incredible amount of crossover between my existing health coaching principles and concussion recovery and so much research to back this up. I made it my mission, not only to help people to live as the best version of themselves but also to help those who were also struggling to recover from concussion and/or Post Concussion Syndrome (PCS). If I could make such a difference to my own recovery, I HAD to pass on this knowledge.

There's so little guidance available on what you have to do to get better so let me help you.

As your coach, I work collaboratively with you to educate, guide and set goals in a kind, empathetic & compassionate way. Building trust and focusing on support, motivation and accountability to keep you on track, I’ll be your biggest cheerleader, especially on the hard days!


Why? Because I've been there. I know how difficult it is and I understand how frustrating it can be.

How do we do this?

We'll look at where you're at in all aspects of your life currently and what you want for the future. If applicable, this will also include your injury and your symptoms.

This may include but is not limited to; nutrition, lifestyle, sleep, support, stress, mindfulness & exercise while taking into account the visual & vestibular system, neck issues, blood flow dysfunction and psychological factors for concussion clients too.

There’s no short term fix, but together we’ll create long lasting habits which will have a huge impact on how you live your life and you’ll feel the benefits through manageable positive and consistent lifestyle & behavioural changes, bringing you into alignment with your best self.


What are the benefits? 

  • Your symptoms will reduce

  • Your mood & energy levels will improve 

  • You’ll feel better in your own body 

  • You'll have a much more positive outlook

  • Your nervous system will more regulated

  • Your food habits & choices will be better and in turn your health

  • You’ll feel happier and more motivated

  • You'll be more mindful and present in daily life

  • You’ll learn simple, practical and easy to implement tools that you can use forever and draw on when needed

  • You'll feel more like YOU!

  • And so much more….

Ultimately, I’m here to teach you how to be your own coach. You’re already your own expert and know subconsciously what makes your body & your mind feel good but life gets so busy sometimes (or the brain gets too foggy!) that we forget to listen.

By committing to working with me you’ll learn to use your intuition to tune into what you need and I’ll coach you through the tools to put these into practice.

Will it be an easy road? No, most likely not but with me in your corner it’ll certainly make it a quicker, more enjoyable and streamlined journey.


No one else gets to choose what your life looks like, just you. It’s time to put you and your health & wellness or healing first. It’s time to support your body and mind and start thriving!



027 367 5111



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"The best thing you'll ever do is believe in yourself."

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